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As of 2021.07.20

A Return to Music

Covid not only snuffed out my giggin’ [previously performed with two different groups] but my involvement with making music by myself. But I’ve recently caught the songwriting and music production bug once again along with my wife. We’ve been working on some songs together — mostly in the vein of soul, reggae, and R&B. 

Here is a page on my website where you can listen to my music on your preferred streaming service.

The Fam

My wife is the most wonderful mother imaginable. She continues to stay home with our now three-year-old boy. She’s also constantly seeking new artistic endeavors in the form of drawing and writing music. Our boy is one of the silliest and most loving little boys in the world. He’s also just about the lankiest — with a waist that doesn’t seem to grow, but his limbs sure have, not to mention that he seems to outgrow shoes before they’re even broken in. He’s really into Sesame Street while I’ve been trying to get him into my childhood favorites — Raffi and Mister Rogers. He has terrific pitch when he sings, not to mention great timing, so I imagine it’s only a matter of time before we get him in on jam sessions. 

Permanently Remote Ken

In July 2021, I accepted a position as Communications Manager with a heavy equipment [construction equipment and trucks, etc.] marketplace headquartered in Austin, Texas…though I remain in my beloved Tulsa, Oklahoma. I essentially get paid to write educational resources for heavy equipment dealerships, buyers, and operators. And yes, I dig it [no pun intended].

Though my decision to leave my previous employer wasn’t solely rooted in remaining remote [my old team is still largely remote, to my knowledge], it was part of it. I will likely remain a remote worker the rest of my days. Even if a locally based company offered me considerably more money on the condition I report to an office, I think I’d be much happier in my home office with my old snoozing cat, floor-pulsating dub reggae, and my happy little family within a quick snuggle’s reach. 

Taking Time to Be

It is important to take time to be fully present at any stage in life. You never know when will be considered “the good ole days” so it is crucial to treat your present life as though you’re currently living through your good ole days.