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I’m still very new to writing books. Most are small, but here they are.

The Cosmic Mulligan:
And Other Ideas on Living a Skosh More Intentionally

“We write the books we need.”

The Cosmic Mulligan is a collection of several essays I wrote between May of 2019 and January 2021 on the subject of living with intention—happening to life rather than life happening to you. I didn’t write these chapters because I am an expert on intentional living. On the contrary, I wrote the contents of this book after both researching and soul-searching to scrape together the wisdom I did not possess.

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Alignment Refinement:
Jewish Prayer for a Modern English-Speaking Audience

Not all of us are fluent in Hebrew. For others of us whom Hebrew is a second language, it may not yet be the language that we can most easily align our prayer through. Alignment Refinement is my own shot at curating some favorite weekday prayers and presenting them in a palatable tone to the modern English speaker.

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It’s Not About You: Content Marketing Made Realistic

Curious about content marketing and how to get started? In It’s Not About You, you’re taken through content marketing from strategy to execution and beyond. This was published through the marketing company I work for in Tulsa, OK. Visit this page to learn more and receive this free ebook in your inbox.

An Upgraded Year: Why & How I Picked Up Five Transformational Habits in 2019

An Upgraded Year by Ken Lane

2019 was probably one of the most transformative years of my life in terms of personal development. In this 40-or-so-minute-read, I outline the five habits, practices, and outlooks I cultivated in 2019, why, and how.

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