About Ken

“Are you the ‘Ken Lane’?”

Many years ago, I started a simple blog to document my own experiments in spiritual development and my desire to live more intentionally. I didn’t really keep track of the analytics as it was more a journal.

A few years later, in my first Hebrew class at what would become my neighborhood synagogue, someone heard my name in the roll call.

“‘Ken Lane’? Are you the ‘Ken Lane’? I love your writings.”

Holding back laughter, I came to realize that even the simplest positive creation or project can help others on their way — even if only to say “I’m walking that path as well.”

We all have the power to be the the versions of ourselves to those we knowingly or unknowingly encounter every day.

If my writings benefit you, that’s great — but know that I’m learning right alongside you.

“The” Ken Lane

Ken Lane - Tulsa, OKSummary Biography of Ken Lane
  • Summary I’m blissfully married to my soulmate, Charria. 
  • I’m the proud father of my son, Amir.
  • I’m an active member of the Jewish community of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • I’m a writer and strategist for a local marketing firm. I also write for various columns on occasion.
  • I’m a jazz and reggae musician. 

Feel free to email me at ken@thekenlane.com.