About Ken

Howdy, friends — Ken here. Thanks for dropping by my site. I hope your visit is beneficial.

As my other bios say, I’m a “well-fed family man” living in Tulsa, OK. During the day, I work in content marketing for Brookside Studios. I’m active in the Tulsa music scene as well as the Tulsa Jewish community.

This site is the home of my writings on some of my favorite subjects — intentional living, contentment, and pragmatic spirituality for everyday life.

Even though spirituality and Jewish religious practice are cornerstones of my daily life, I recognize a need for pragmatic spirituality over heady trips or dogmatic edicts. My hope is that my spiritual writings contain applicable practices from which anyone can benefit — regardless of religious affiliation. I’ll leave the loftier philosophies or legalistic works to their experts. I’m more interested in where-the-rubber-meets-daily-life spirituality.

Another aspect of my writing that has taken off in recent years is intentional living on a wider scale — contentment, minimalism, and essentialism — “the disciplined pursuit of less.” A good amount of my writings delve into how we can accomplish more with less stuff — fewer material possessions and less emotional baggage. Other aspects of these writings cover how to optimize our lives in order to be the the versions of ourselves.

My hope is not that you see me as an authority, but rather as a peer — a fellow student of life. If you find some of my experiences helpful, I’m glad to be of service. I don’t have all of the answers, but I’m happy to share some of the lessons I’ve learned in life and in my studies.


Ken Lane

If you would like to reach out to me, you can do so at ken@thekenlane.com or connect with me via Twitter.