About Ken

Howdy, friends — Ken here. Thanks for dropping by my site. I hope your visit is beneficial.

Ken Lane - Tulsa, OK

I don’t much like talking about myself, so I’ll use two descriptions others have used when introducing me.  

“This is my son, Ken. He’s the happiest man in the world.”

– my mother, introducing me to one of her friends

While exaggerating, she was likely referring to the placid demeanor I tend to exude—not something I’ve actively cultivated, but more of my default mode since childhood. A co-worker once told me that she uses me as an “anger barometer”—explaining that she runs scenarios by me to determine whether her own frustration is warranted.

I definitely don’t claim to have happiness figured out—I even experience the occasional spell of anxiety. Still, my aim with this site and with my life is to simplify the pursuit of contentment and honest fulfillment.  Part of this endeavor is through another way I have been described. 

“This is Ken. Ken is the most intentional person I’ve ever met.”

– Mike, a co-worker, introducing me to a few new clients

While others may perceive my lifestyle as “intentional,” at its core, I would describe it as being “functionally picky.” It’s been the work of my life to determine my genuinely favorite modes of being and fill my days with as many of those as possible. Whenever my preferences do not abide by the norms of modern society, much less the fashions of the day, they may be called “eccentric.” And that’s fine with me…because I like them. 

So, am I the most intentional person ever? Hardly. I leave that designation to astronauts and neurosurgeons. Do I choose my favorite versions of things and ways of being when they don’t overly inconvenience others? Absolutely. And I highly recommend it.

The more official biography:

  • I’m blissfully married to my soulmate, Charria. 
  • I’m the proud father of my son, Amir.
  • I’m an active member of the Jewish community of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • I’m a writer and strategist for a local marketing firm. I also write for various columns on occasion.
  • I’m a jazz and reggae musician. 

Feel free to email me at ken@thekenlane.com.